[ JK Lab Architects ]

Designing a hospitality atmosphere.

We are here to help develop and inspire.

If we can imagine - we can implement.

Our goal is conscious design: to reinvent space, to bring together man with nature, strives for harmony of comfort, benefit and beauty.

Founded 2011

The studio is based in Odessa, Ukraine

Janna Kiseleva. Founder and art director. A member of the Designers Union of Ukraine. The head of Council for Design, Odessa.
Oleg Faveliukis, CEO
Kateryna Orlova, Partner, Leading architect
Olexandra Burovitskaya, Partner,Head of Indian office, Leading architect
Victoria Lavrova, Partner,Leading architect
Olena Grinchenko, Architect
Natalia Mordovina, Interior designer
Liza Kudinova, Architect
Alyona Pryadka, Architect
Artem Medvedenko, Architect
Artem Rossikov, Architect
Anna Ivanova, Architect
Anna Chetakova, Architect
Viktoria Deneva, Content manager


2020 Benjamin Moore Awards. First Prize.

2019 EUROPEAN AWARD-2019 Revitalization of the Greek park

2019 Expo Wanted, Italy. Product design contest. Winner.

2019 Bora Ukraine. Winner

2019 Art Space. Jury

2018 EUROPEAN AWARD-2018. Public utility buildings. Award

2016  International hospitality award. The best bar in a  hotel.

2016 Restaurant and Bar Awards. Short list.

2015   Salon Design Awards. The 1st award in Retail.

2013 The Interior of the Year. The retail Space and Catering Interior. Award.

2011 The Interior of the Year. The residential premises interiors. Award

2011 Golden Arch. Interior of the  clothing store. The 1st award.

2011  N.I.C.K : IRNT held by Lebedev's Studio in Odessa. First place.

2011  N.I.C.K : IRNT held by Lebedev's Studio in Moscow. First place.


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